The English Channel, Scene of Air and Maritime Accidents

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The English Channel, which separates Northwest France from Great Britain, is one of the most important maritime and air passages for European history. There, where now they look for the Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala after the plane in which it travelled towards Wales disappeared off the radar, there were other fatal accidents.

The Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives records 12 air accidents the channel since 1919, with 56 deaths. The accident that left more people dead was in 1938 when, according to the site, an airplane that had left the airport of Jersey (one of the cities located on an island of the channel) crossed a layer of clouds, lost control and crashed in an open field about 450 meters from the airport.

The English Channel, Scene of Air and Maritime Accidents

The 12 passengers and the pilot died instantly; also a farmer died on land.

The last accident recorded was in September 2013 , when the twin-engine plane of British businessman Carl Whiteley, who operated the same company as the plane where Sala was travelling, took off from Dinan (Côtes-d’Armor) for Jersey, and he found poor visibility due to fog. As it approached, the plane crashed into the Bay of Saint-Ouen, about 8 kilometers west of Jersey. A few hours later, in the rescue tasks some remains were found and it was confirmed that both occupants (Carl Whiteley and his wife) were dead.

With regard to the mystery of the disappearance of the plane in which the Argentine footballer was on board, the site that collects all the air accidents reported: “The plane left Nantes in 1915LT for Cardiff, with two passengers and a pilot. the Channel Islands at an altitude of 5000 feet in marginal climatic conditions, the pilot requested to reduce his altitude after passing over Guernsey, Jersey ATC lost contact while flying at 2300 feet. “

The English Channel, Scene of Air and Maritime Accidents

Naval tragedies in the English Channel

In one of the busiest commercial channels in the world, a maritime tragedy in 1976 left 36 people dead, according to El País . A German ship that was adrift because of a storm sank 14 miles from the French port of Brest, after being immobilized by a breakdown in the midst of hurricane winds of more than eleven knots of force. His crew left the ship, but only eight crew members could be rescued; the other 28 disappeared.

The English Channel, Scene of Air and Maritime Accidents

That same day, 60 miles from the English port of Harwich, at the other end of the channel, the German freighter “Antje Oltinann” also sank after running aground among large waves. Of the nine men in his crew, only one could be rescued.

Accidents at the Eurotunnel

Other tragedies that are recorded in the Macha Canal are linked to the wave of immigrants who during 2015 used the maritime channel to cross from France to Britain through the tunnel. On July 30, 2015, a Sudanese between 25 and 30 years old died when he was hit by a truck while trying to enter the terminal of the company Eurotunnel in Calais, in northern France. He was the ninth migrant who died at the crossing of the English Channel to Great Britain.


Source: La Nacion