The English Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Leaves For The United States To Embark For The First Time To The British F-35B

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The English aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth set sail from Portsmouth Harbor on August 30 to board and test the F-35B fighters (naval version) of the United Kingdom for the first time. The largest Royal Navy warship will work with up to seven F-35B British planes during its deployment during the Westlant 19 mission, which will return it to the east coast of North America after last year’s mission.

This deployment marks another important objective for the aircraft carrier, which includes the flight operations of the fifth-generation poachers of the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force during five weeks of testing, as well as housing some F-35B Marine Corps States United.

Before declaring the naval unit fully operational, the latter, the F-35B and support units will be rigorously tested in realistic war scenarios, visiting Canada and the United States during this three-month mission. The 45 HMS type dragon destroyer and the 23 HMS Northumberland frigate will accompany Queen Elizabeth with the RFA Tideforce tanker that supports the British combat group. U.S. Navy units UU., U.S. Air Force UU. And the United States Marine Corps will also join this powerful group of ships.

Also present on board was a Royal Marines rate from Commando 42 of the Lima Company, based in Plymouth, and assets of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, including nine Merlin Mk2, Mk4 and Wildcats of the 814 Naval Air Squadron of Culdrose and the Yeovilton 815 Naval Air Squad. All United Kingdom military helicopters, with the exception of Elder Puma, have been certified for flight operations in Queen Elizabeth. A Rol 2 medical team, RAF aviators and British army soldiers will also be on board.

7 British F-35B aircraft piloted by RN and RAF pilots will fly on the ship when it is near the east coast of the United States. The jets and staff were selected by the English squads: the 617 Sqn (operational unit), the 207 Sqn (operational conversion unit) and the 17 Sqn based in California (test and evaluation unit). British aircraft will be complemented with up to 4 additional F-35B F-35B aircraft from the US Marine Corps. UU.

In addition to qualifying the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force pilots for onboard flight operations, they will begin to develop new tactics and make departures with lots of bombs and missiles. The 617th Squadron will also begin to develop new CAP Combat Air Patrol procedures, coordinating with the on-board driver controllers and the HMS Dragon. This is a particularly important moment since the Royal Navy had been dangerously deprived of its air defense capability from the fleet since 2006 given the premature withdrawal of its Sea Harrier FA Mk2 fighters.

Vertical landing of the F-35B Royal Air Force RAF / RN F-35B Lightning II ZM137

Next year, Queen Elisabeth will be engaged in another exercise that will guide her on the way to the declaration of an Initial Operating Capacity in December 2020. The first operational deployment, in 2021 (CSG21), should include the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and the pacific. Queen Elizabeth will be escorted by 2 Type 45 destroyers, 2 Type 23 frigates, an SSN, a Fort Victoria Marea and RFA class tanker and the F-35B of Squadron 617 and the U.S. Marine Corps. UU. The total operational capacity (FOC) of the English aircraft carrier with fully British aircraft is scheduled for 2023. The Queen Elizabeth battle group will provide the United Kingdom with a capacity for conventional strategic diplomacy and deterrence and the Ministry of Defense has committed to 2023 to maintain one of the new aircraft carriers in a state of high operational availability. The attack group WESTLANT 19 will return to the United Kingdom in early December 2019.

The English Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Leaves For The United States To Embark For The First Time To The British F-35B

During the Westlant 19 mission, HMS Queen Elizabeth will also organize the second Atlantic Future Forum during its trip to the United States, after the inaugural forum held last year in New York. The forum provides a platform for innovators, managers and technology and government entrepreneurs to explore emerging trends in cyber, artificial intelligence and space, future technologies and threats.

The twin ship of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the HMS Prince of Wales, is in its final stage of construction at the Rosyth shipyard and is expected to begin its tests at sea in the coming weeks, and you will probably be able to meet Queen Elizabeth in the sea. his return from the United States to finish


Source: es.aviation-report