The Eels of the River Thames in London Are Hyperactive Because of Cocaine

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The problem of increasing drug use in London extends to all areas, including the environment. The levels of cocaine contamination have reached even the Thames, damaging the fluvial fauna like the eels, which suffer from hyperactivity.

The eels that inhabit the Thames, in London, are hyperactive. This has been revealed by a study conducted by King’s College, which shows that the high concentration of cocaine in the river has increased its pollution and has seriously affected its fauna.

The consumption of drugs in the English capital is growing, especially in cocaine. Water treatment plants fail to filter this type of substances, so that levels of pollution increase especially on rainy days in which the traces of drugs from the soil are dragged and go from the sewer to the river.

The Eels of the River Thames in London Are Hyperactive Because of Cocaine

This has a direct impact on eels, an animal very common in this type of habitat. London eels are reaching very high levels of hyperactivity, worrying environmental and animal associations. In turn, the concern for increased consumption , especially among young people, concerns the Government and society in general.

Several international newspapers such as the Times or scientific publications such as New Scientist have published the news and the answers have not been long in networks.