The Drastic Decision Of The United States Navy On The Technology Of Its Ships

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The military authorities confirmed a modification in all their ships that, instead of adding technological instruments, will suffer a “backlog”.

After many reports, the U.S. Navy confirmed that it will begin removing the touch screen controls from its destroyers to reinstall the traditional accelerators and rudders . In these, it was clear that the screens were involved in two collisions that caused the death of 17 soldiers.

The surprising decision was made after official reports and a survey conducted among all the soldiers who frequent these ships.

As they said, the Marines had received little training on these screens, so they did not know how to use these complex systems in an emergency. This was a determining factor at the time of its impossibility to prevent these accidents from occurring.

As the website of the United States Naval Institute reported, Rear Admiral Bill Galinis, in charge of overseeing ship designs belonging to that country’s fleet, said control systems were “too complex” because shipbuilders had little Information on how they should work.

In turn, Galinis revealed that as a result of this, the systems varied from one ship to another and had little in common, so the soldiers were not sure about how they could find on the key indicator screens such as the ship’s heading.

But they not only relied on official reports to make this decision. They also searched for the word of the soldiers themselves who frequent these ships and conducted a survey of attitudes towards controls based on touch screens.

The result was abysmal. “We move away from physical accelerators and that was probably the number one message in the fleet: they said, just give us accelerators that we can use,” Galinis said.

The Drastic Decision Of The United States Navy On The Technology Of Its Ships


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