The Dog that Was Rescued by its Master from Frozen Waters Reappears [VIDEO]

Thousands of YouTube users remembered the poignant viral video of the rescue of a dog , who is currently astonished by its appearance.

The famous viral video that was shared via YouTube of the incredible rescue that made a brave man to save the life of his pet, who fell to a frozen lake in the state of Michigan in the United States returns to make news on social networks after publishing a photograph current of the mascot.

On January 27 on YouTube , Facebook and other Internet sites a video was shared that alarmed thousands of Internet users who saw the admirable reaction of a man who had jumped into Lake Michigan , which was at freezing point due to the cold wave of the Arctic that is part of the United States .

After the poignant news that went around the world, thousands of users applauded the incredible act that took the protagonist of the YouTube viral video , who saved the life of a dog named ‘Pika’, a carriage of just nine months.

Through a photo that went viral in social networks, hundreds of people remembered the viral video , and shared the current image of what ‘Pika’ looks like. The Chicago police issued a message to users through a Twitter account .

“The Chicago police rescued a man on Sunday who jumped on Lake Michigan to save his 19 pound dog, Pika, both the man and the dog are fine,” detailed the publication that made the account of the US troops .

Here we share our note gallery that shows some of the rescue of the ‘famous’ dog on YouTube and how it looks today. To see the images all you have to do is slide the main photo to the left.

Check out the YouTube viral video here: