The Divorce That Makes Black Pearl Tremble, The Most Spectacular Sailboat In The World (VIDEO)

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The boat, these days is in Palma de Mallorca. Its owner is the Russian oligarch Oleg Burlakov, who paid nearly 200 million dollars for this prodigy of technology.

It is impossible to ignore it. There is no point on the island from which you can not see any of the impressive masts of the Black Pearl , the most spectacular sailboat in the world. The vessel sails the seas since the end of 2018 and one of its preferred destinations has been the Balearic Islands, which it visited last year. From the weekend all the visitors of Palma de Mallorca wonder where a sensational machine could have come from and who will be its mysterious owner.

The Black Pearl (the name was chosen to pay homage to the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’) is a prodigy of technology applied to the world of sailboats. It is 106 meters long, which also makes it the largest sailboat in the world. It is modeled in steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, and combines the use of candles with solar energy to move its mammoth structure that, however, seems light on the sea.

Its owner is the Russian oligarch Oleg Burlakov, who has jumped to fame precisely because of his boat. Burlakov created an oil and gas companion with another partner in 2005. In 2014 he decided to sell it and received an amount of close to 600 million dollars. It is estimated that 30% of that money has gone to the Black Pearl, which has absolutely all the amenities. Currently, Burlakov’s fortune is divided between cement, banking and natural gas.

The divorce

The sailboat has six cabins that can accommodate 12 guests. In addition, it has a hydromassage pool and enough space for the 18 crew members needed to move the boat. Not much is known about the interior, among other things because Oleg Burlakov worries (rightly) about his own safety and that of his family. In 2018 he denounced an assassination attempt. According to the ‘Moscow Times’, a stranger called him while he was driving his Cadillac. When he lowered the window to know what he wanted, the stranger fired several shots at the vehicle. The millionaire was unharmed, fortunately.

Of what does not seem that it is going to leave unscathed is of the divorce . According to Russian law, Burlakov’s wife is entitled to a substantial part of the family fortune, including the Black Pearl if they consider it in the agreement. According to several media outlets, the 69-year-old oligarch is going out with a young and beautiful celebrity from the country, Sofiya Shevtsova, a model of profession, what has cost her marriage and who knows if the sailboat also.

The Black Pearl was built at the Oceanco shipyard in Rotterdam. It has three self-rotating masts of 70 meters high (the equivalent of a 15-story building,approximately), each with six yards. The sails are stored in the clubs, so they can be deployed in record time. Whatever it is, it is a spectacle to see it sail with its black sails deployed and its masts reflecting the sunlight.


Source: Vanitatis El Confidencial