The Disappearance of ‘DREAMLAND’ The Ship That Took Us From a Mystery To a Controversy.

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For days all kinds of hypotheses have been raised about the disappearance of the rental sailboat ‘Dreamland’ , which sailed on January 5 from Palma with three crew on board. Neither the search operation nor the massive warning throughout the western Mediterranean served to find any trace of the vessel. The suspicion of a shipwreck was not sustained, since the ship is equipped with a satellite radio beacon that would have issued a distress signal in case of emergency. The doubts vanished last Wednesday when it was confirmed that the ‘Dreamland’ was sailing to the south of Sardinia (Italy) with the expectation of returning to Mallorca between Sunday and Monday of next week. And the mystery went to controversy.

Álvaro Gerardo Aguirre Arrollo, son of the disappeared patron, was the one who confirmed through social networks that the sailors “are fine” and that they are returning. He explained that the crew members “had broken the mainsail” and were returning with the genoa (forward sail).Aguirre told Europa Press that it was his father who had called him from the boat itself, a model Cyclades 39 Beneteau. The boss showed him his “great surprise” after knowing the operation launched to locate them . He also reiterated that the three are “good” and that they are doing on-board guards.

The boss told his son that he does not want anyone to look for them , even though the weather conditions in the area are adverse. In these days, as the son believes, the crew of the sailboat have not contacted any other vessel that had crossed into the sea.

Aguirre Arroyo, resident in Ibiza, had shown in recent days his discomfort because no one was putting means to find the three missing men. Aguirre’s worst fears were related to the fact that the disappeared had had some kind of setback related to the t- belt on the days when they were going to set sail . All this despite the fact that his father is a maritime professional expert.

After finding out that his father had rented a boat with two friends, Antonio and Fernando, and that they had set sail with that condition of the storm, the concern grew with the days because he had no news of his.

Although he knew that his father has 45 years of experience at sea , with many miles accumulated, he decided to go to the Civil Guard to file a complaint for his disappearance on January 11.

The family and all the acquaintances of the employer, in view of the circumstances, decided to be very active in social networks and even collected signatures through a platform for the Government to search for the disappeared .

The Disappearance of 'DREAMLAND'


From Salvamento Marítimo they reported that on January 10, a search was carried out in search of the three crew members. The Maritime Rescue units of the Civil Guard and the Armed Institute carried out research work in order to clarify the search for the vessel.

According to Aguirre, the performance of the Benemérita was limited to verify that the boss had arrived in Palma and that he had not taken any flight. “At that time, they sent the complaint to the Civil Guard of Ibiza, and from here they forwarded it to Alicante, explaining that this is where my father lived,” he explained. However, according to Aguirre, at the North Police Station in Alicante they would have said that they did not have the means to search and forward the complaint to the UDEF , according to the son of the disappeared person. “The last news I have is that the complaint has returned to the Civil Guard of Palma,” he added.


According to Gaceta Náutica , the Dreamland was rented from the company Latitud Cero , a member of the Lonja Marina Charter station, through the Globe Sailor platform. Sources of the charter company assure that the crew members were warned that “they could not leave the limit of the waters of the archipelago, given that the vessel lacks permission to do high altitude navigation” . According to the skipper’s son, the sailboat was on Wednesday in Italian waters.

In statements to the same specialized publication, José María Jiménez, owner of Latitud Cero, suspects that the intention of the crew was to stay the ‘Dreamland’ for their benefit . What is certain is that the controversy will not end with the arrival of the sailboat to Palma.