The Demanding Unitas Operations That Simulate A Naval War From The Search Of Enemy Submarines To Shooting Exercises

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The naval exercises of Unitas 2019 have already begun. These days, national and foreign vessels are already offshore executing naval war drills, organized for this version and conducted by the Chilean Navy.

In the exercise of international nature that takes place in national waters, a total of 12 countries participate: 5 participating actively with naval units and 7 others as observer countries.

The plan of operations is ambitious and considers that the naval units of the different countries use all their reaction capacities in a coordinated manner, in case of being in a situation of real conflict or need to provide humanitarian aid with a multinational force.

In that sense, Captain Roberto Zegers, Chief of Staff of the squadron, detailed some of the naval exercises to be carried out in the area of ​​operations, located between Coquimbo and Valparaíso, including activities on the coast and up to 90 km offshore .

“During the Unitas 2019 Exercise, different types of training are being carried out, including antisubmarine exercises (corresponding to the search 

for enemy submarines by opposing ships), firing exercises, ship approach exercises, refueling exercises between vessels, shipwreck rescue and simulation of community aid in the context of a mega earthquake, “said Commander Zegers.

The importance of this training is to simulate a multinational force by mandate of the United Nations Organization. Such simulations are carried out by the endowments of the different navies, where sailors from 12 countries participate. Among them, 5 actively participating with maritime units (United States, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador) and other 7 countries as observers of the exercise (Italy, Mexico, El Salvador, Turkey, New Zealand, England and Germany).

All of them under a common plan, a previously coordinated alliance between the navies in the process of re-establishing order and security, led by the Chilean Navy. Here there are no individualities, everything is worked for the common good.

Among the participating countries is Colombia, represented by Commander Hadder Toro, who detailed the role of his country in the Exercise Unitas 2019. “We are participating with the Independent ARC Ship. The intention is to be part of a multinational task force, seeking to collaborate with a friendly country and be able to provide humanitarian aid, in case of any eventual emergency, “said Commander Toro.

The Demanding Unitas Operations That Simulate A Naval War From The Search Of Enemy Submarines To Shooting Exercises

These exercises, in addition, are categorized depending on the new events that arise. In this sense, the level of alert is constantly updated, which requires rapid reaction and important decisions in limited time.

The Unitas Exercise has scheduled its practical phase in the sea until next Tuesday, July 2, later a phase of evaluation of the exercises will be carried out in order to detect the current strengths and weaknesses in the face of a possible real emergency.


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