The Crew Of A Luxury Yacht In Puerto Banús Begins A Hunger Strike For Their Dismissal

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They ask for the preventive embargo of the ship to avoid its transfer to another port since they fear that the owner company will dissolve

Until a few months ago they were the crew of the luxury yacht ‘My Clansea‘, 27 meters in length, which anchored at the 36th dock of Puerto Banú s, in the service of a British billionaire. But after the accidental death of the owner at his residence in La Zagaleta, began the calvary of José Luis Sánchez, captain of the boat, and Mercedes Ylenia Cárdenas, a sailor, who these days has been aggravated with a hunger strike that began last Friday .

The ship belongs to the company Lymalia Limited , in the hands of the millionaire’s family. After his death, the crew denounces that he began to suffer workplace harassment, overwork, with more than 328 overtime , random and unpredictable hours, without enjoying vacations, or breaks. To all this they add that the boat did not comply with official nautical requirements such as inspections or the occupational risk prevention plan.

The boat was used by the owners family, but also offered to other customers. In one of the exits to the sea, Sanchez explains that the ship transported a group of minors who began to ingest alcohol and narcotic substances , so the captain, as established by the nautical system, gave notice to the authorities and The young people were sanctioned upon arrival in port. “We suffered a serious attack of anxiety and work stress that led us to enter the two emergency in the Hospital del Costa del Sol,” recalls the captain. The next day, the sailor was fired, and days later he was fired.

Both filed a labor complaint for null dismissal. They went to Conciliation, but they did not reach any agreement, and they have set a date for their trial on January 7, 2020 . The yacht has been put up for sale and they fear that at this time the company will dissolve so they claim the previous embargo of the ship and the company’s accounts, with which this newspaper has contacted but has not provided details of this issue. «If they take the boat to Gibraltar, if the company dissolves, we cannot claim what is ours. We are not British merchandise. We are Spanish workers ”, emphasizes José Luis while showing his companion banners at the entrance of Puerto Banús to expose his situation.

They claim 57,000 euros for the captain and about 15,000 for the sailor, for processing salaries . But also compensation for moral damages and a letter of compensation for his honor. Only then will they end their hunger strike. To publicize their struggle they will also carry out what they have called «protest tour» . In addition to Puerto Banús they will take their banners to the Inspection of the Treasury, the Maritime Captaincy, Labor Inspection, the Social Institute of the Navy and the urbanization where the owner family resides.

“Today there are still pirates at sea, but they are not the crew of ships and modern slavery,” warns José Luis.

The crew of a luxury yacht in Puerto Banús begins a hunger strike for their dismissal

José Luis and Mercedes in their protest in Puerto Banús. / JOSELE


Source: Diario Sur

  1. This guy is a classic weasel. Simple facts like the size of the vessel have been twisted amoungst a mountain of other lies. No mention of the celebrations the yacht owner made for this guys birthday, or how he was allowed to use
    the yacht as his own social hub when he was employed. He lost his job because he tried to extort money from another boat owner who this girl was employed by and quit because “the work was too hard”. He caused such a bad atmosphere in this port that he was asked simply to apologise and stop trying to sue people or leave….. he chose to leave and is now he is trying to further extort money. ALL the respected people of this port will be able to give a very clear picture of type of person this guy is.

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