The Controversial Video of a Fisherman Throwing Explosives to a Group of Sea Lions

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The fisherman of British Columbia argues that at no time was his goal to harm animals, but to get them away from the boat.

The fisherman who threw a small explosive into the water when it was full of sea lions off the coast of British Columbia says he was not trying to harm the animals, after the video created a great controversy on social networks so much in favour as against the action. Allan Marsden, the man in the video, maintains that he used a flare that sounds like a shot to scare away the sea lions and that his only goal was to get away from the boat.

A debate has erupted over the safety of sea lions and other creatures, as well as the safety of fishing teams struggling to make a living in difficult times. In addition, they try to maintain the population of salmon, threatened by these animals.

Marsden points out, that there is a double standard, and if someone fishing on a river can use a firecracker to scare a bear, but can not do the same at sea. In addition, he confesses that three years ago he was attacked by a sea lion while working on his boat. “I’m lucky I was not dragged by the railing and drowned or have ended up in a wheelchair, but I will have marks on my body until the day I die because of a sea lion that grabbed me when I worked on the deck “, He said.

In addition, he says he is “disappointed” because he did not share a second video that showed the number of sea lions that entered his space. Since the video was shared, Marsden reports that he has received threats.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada said it would investigate the case and reminded the public that it is illegal to bother seals, sea lions or other marine mammals. “This includes the use of acoustic deterrents such as stamp bombs or other explosives,” he said in a post on social networks.


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