The Coast Guard Searches For 4 Missing Crew Members In The Wreck Of A Freighter In Georgia

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Another 20 people have already been rescued and a security perimeter has been established at the port of Brunswick, closed to the passage of vessels, while rescue efforts continue. Until now the causes of the accident are unknown. 

Rescuers are looking for four crew members of a cargo ship that capsized and caught fire near Brunswick Harbour in Georgia on Sunday, the US Coast Guard said in a statement.

Early in the morning the cargo ship Golden Ray presented problems while navigating the Saint Simons Sound. The Coast Guard was notified through a 911 call at 2:00 a.m.

The causes of the incident are still being investigated, authorities said in a statement. It is not clear if the weather conditions Dorian left this week directly influenced.

Of the 24 crew members on board, the Coast Guard said 20 were already evacuated from the ship, 656 feet in length. Search and rescue operations for the remaining four members are ongoing, supported by other ships and helicopters, as well as by local agencies.

According to the website, the Golden Ray left the Marshall Islands and headed to Baltimore. The registered owner of the ship is a South Korean company.

At this time the port of Brunswick has established a safety zone closed to boat traffic in the Saint Simons Sound. These may not pass less than half a mile from the Golden Ray, which remains overturned.

Brunswick is one of the most active seaports in the United States in car transport. According to the Georgia Port Authority, cited by the AP agency, almost 614,000 vehicles and heavy machinery units moved through their docks in the 2019 fiscal year, which ended June 30.

Source: Univision