The Civil Guard Of Mallorca Intervenes 80 kilos Of Cocaine In The Container Of A Ship In Colombia

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The Civil Guard has intervened 80 kilos of cocaine in the container of a freighter in Colombia, which was going to stop in Algeciras to introduce the drug in Mallorca. The Organized Crime Team (ECO), together with the Judicial Police of Algaida, have carried out this operation in which there are currently three detainees in Colombia, where the drug came from. A man, of Spanish nationality, long ago set up a company on the Island to supposedly introduce the narcotic substance from South America.

A little over a month ago, the armed institute already intercepted a truck driver in Port d’Alcúdia with a kilo of cocaine hidden in the vehicle. The suspect, who was admitted to pretrial detention, is related to this alleged criminal organization, formed by Colombians and Spaniards, which operates internationally.

At half past six on Wednesday morning, when it had not yet dawned, the Civil Guard has taken the Impala III building, located at number 11 Joan de Saridakis street, 300 meters from the Marivent palace .

The agents are currently registering an apartment located on the tenth floor of the property, brown, somewhat degraded. More than a hundred troops, some expressly coming from the Peninsula, have carried out a large deployment and make numerous simultaneous searches at the homes of Palma, Lloseta, Marratxí and Cala Rajada.

The tentacles of the alleged criminal organization that has broken up extend to Madrid and Barcelona , where there have also been house searches in search of drugs. Agents are expected to arrest several people throughout the morning.

The operation has been baptized as ‘Crótalo’, scientific name of the rattlesnake, considered the most poisonous in North America.


Source: Ultimahora