The Chinese Navy is Consolidated As the Second Most Important in the World

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French analysts suggest that the Asian giant’s Navy is behind the US. in displacement, at the same time drastically increasing the quality of their ships.

“The military powers are preparing for future confrontations at sea.” This is how alarming is the headline of an article in the French newspaper Le Monde devoted to the current situation of the Chinese Navy, and that highlights its unprecedented progress in recent years.

Reacting to the progress of the Chinese Navy, all naval powers are modernizing,” says Nathalie Guibert, author of the article.

Today the Chinese Navy occupies the second place in the world in terms of total displacement of its warships, with an indicator of 1.6 million tons , although well behind the 3.3 million tons of the US Navy. In comparison, the Russian Navy ‘displaces’ one million tons.

At the same time, Chinese warships not only multiply, but have also achieved  high quality in terms of combat capabilities . According to French experts, the equipping of Chinese ships with long-range anti-aircraft guided missiles is of great importance, which allows them to form an air defense system on the high seas.

This progress has been confirmed by each of the editions of the French catalog ‘Flottes de combat’, considered the bible of the Armed Forces, whose edition of 2018 has just been published by the newspaper Ouest-France.

The Chinese naval areas of greater progress

In this sense, in 2018 the Chinese Navy tested for the first time at sea an electromagnetic gun for small cruises; In addition, the development of antiaircraft ballistic missiles or the program of a Chinese aircraft carrier of six electromagnetic catapults are in full swing. This last technology dominates today only the United States Navy.

The Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Admiral Christophe Prazuck, has pointed out that Beijing has “built in four years the equivalent of the [French] national Navy” and has already deployed more ships in the Mediterranean than the European Navy.

In this way China aims to protect the maritime areas in dispute, the admiral said.


Source: ActualidadRT