The Boat Captain Who Saved 40 Immigrants Has Been freed

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An Italian judge decided to free German ship captain Carola Rackete after she broke the maritime military barrier (hit another ship) after saving more than forty African refugees from the water and taking them to Italy. The case resonated internationally in the middle of last month, as the Italian government put her in jail for “resistance or violence against a warship”.

The captain apologized and made it clear that everything was an accident. The judge said that the 31-year-old captain “fulfilled a duty” and released her after having been locked up for 72 hours.

The case generated some confrontations between the German president and the Italian interior minister (the main cause of being put in jail), so much so that Italy is going through a kind of crack in the case. “For Italian justice to ignore the laws and crash a patrol of the Finance Guard are not sufficient reasons to go to jail,” said the minister.

Carola Rackete was arrested after forcing her way into the Sicilian port of Lampedusa on the Sea-Watch-3 carrying 40 migrants and refugees she had rescued off Libya.  But on Tuesday, judge Alessandra Vella ruled that Rackete had been carrying out her duty to protect life and had not committed any act of violence.



Source: contexto tucuman