The Baleària Company Will Dismantle Its Ferry Piece By Piece, Which Ran Aground Two Weeks Ago In Denia

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The ship carried 393 passengers on board when it was anchored at the mouth of the port of Denia, coming from Ibiza. The Ardentia Marine company will help Balearia with the break-up of the ferry on the Alicante coast.

There is already a destination for the “Pinar del Río” ferry, which has been stranded at the mouth of the port of Denia for two weeks. The Baleària company will dismantle the ship from Ibiza that was anchored with 393 passengers piece by piece.

Since he set sail for the first time in 1992 from Montevideo (Uruguay) when his name was “Patricia Olivia”, 27 years later his life comes to an end, as the maritime transport company has said. The company specialized in rescuing embarked ships, the Spanish-Dutch Ardentia Marine, will help dismantle this catamaran and take it from the water to land in pieces.

The operation has already begun and the same crane is being used with which the 70 cars of the passengers that were in the warehouse were removed. On Thursday and Friday, containers containing interior plates of the ship and even passenger seats were lifted. The intervention is classified as “arduous”, since the “Pinar del Río” is 74 meters long and 26 meters wide . It is a medium-sized ferry, but dismantling it can take time.

Removal plan

The Baleària company has clarified that both the Maritime Captaincy and the General Directorate of Ports of the Generalitat Valenciana have already given the green light to the “removal plan” of the ship to be “the most viable and safe alternative presented.”

The operation to refloat the stranded ferry has, according to the shipping company, “great difficulty”, because there is little draft and the blocks of the breakwater can cause even more devastating damage to the ferry. In addition, the storms have not helped the work since they have caused a “structural deterioration” in the hull.

Ardentia Marine will place a marine barrier around the ship to ensure the safety of the perimeter and of the maritime traffic in and out of the port. The technicians have already secured and tied the boat to the dike. The two companies have pledged to repair any damage that the northern breakwater could suffer during works to remove the ferry.

The Baleària Company Will Dismantle Its Ferry Piece By Piece, Which Ran Aground Two Weeks Ago In Denia

The Ardentia Marine company will help Baleària with the removal of the “Pinar del Río”

A “damn” ship

The “Pinar del Río” became part of the Baleària fleet when the Adolfo Utor company bought the Buquebús España shipping company in 2007. The ferry after operating in Montevideo, went on to sail on the Strait line (Ceuta-Algeciras).

The accident in Denia is not the first of this catamaran. Two years ago, on May 1, 2017 the machine failed and the port skate hit one of the breakwaters of the port of Malaga. In June 2018, he was anchored in the breakwater of Sant Antoni, in Ibiza.

Denia’s accident is the third one that suffers this ship, which with its exploded end its life and with the supposed curse that accompanies it since it arrived in Spain.

The Baleària Company Will Dismantle Its Ferry Piece By Piece, Which Ran Aground Two Weeks Ago In Denia3

The passengers of the “Pinar del Río” evacuated during the ferry run-off.


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