The Aircraft Carrier USS Harry S. Truman Cannot Participate In Exercises Due To Technical Failure

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The destroyers of the attack group Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike went out to sea without their main ship, while the US Navy suffered a deficit of aircraft carriers in the Atlantic.

The escort ships of the US Navy surface attack group Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike they will take part in a Compound Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) without their aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman, which failed to exit the port due to a failure in its electrical distribution system.

To compensate for the aircraft carrier’s capabilities, its staff had to integrate  15 additional employees , Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis, commander of the 2nd U.S. Fleet, told  USNI News. He also considered that it is “more than probable” that the group will be deployed in several regions.

“Unfortunate” incident

Lewis described the situation with the USS Harry S. Truman as “unusual” and “unfortunate,” while other former Navy officers interviewed admitted that sending an attack group of these characteristics without an aircraft carrier is an unprecedented measure.

In the past there were cases when an aircraft carrier was not ready in time to be deployed, although its place was always occupied by another ship in the fleet. For example, USS Truman himself set sail in 2015 to replace the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. However, the media said, this time there were no aircraft carriers that could replace the main ship.

“The repairs are progressing, and every effort is being made to deploy the ship and its air wing as soon as possible, ” the US Navy told the media, without specifying how long these tasks could take. Currently, the aircraft carrier is in the shipyard of Norfolk (Virginia). 

In order not to break the deployment schedule, the US Navy from the east coast made the decision to independently mobilize the escort of the USS Harry S. Truman. Guided missile destroyers USS Lassen and USS Farragut left the Mayport naval base in Florida on September 12.

These will soon be joined by the USS Forrest Sherman destroyer and the USS Normandy guided missile cruiser from the Norfolk naval base. The group will also be reinforced by a detachment of MH-60R helicopters from the Maritime Squad 72.

Shortage of aircraft carriers on the east coast of the USA

Currently, the US Navy has seven aircraft carriers. However, due to the extensive delay in the maintenance and technical support of these ships, the number of these ships in operation continues to decrease.

    • Now the only operational aircraft carrier on the US east coast. It’s the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower . However, the ship has just gone through a maintenance period of 18 months, so its crew has to undergo special training that will probably delay its departure to the sea until the end of 2019.
    • The USS John C. Stennis  is the next aircraft carrier to undergo a process that in the US Navy. It is known as ‘refueling and overhaul’ (ROH) and that ships pass through half their useful life. In 2021 he will go to the city of Newport News (Virginia), where he will submit to the ROH. Until that time he will remain in Norfolk, where it will be used as an airfield for aviation exercises.
    • The USS John George HW Bush has  already been in the dry dock in Norfolk for more than two years. Due to the inability of the shipyard to meet the established deadlines, the period of its maintenance became 28 months instead of the initially expected 10 and a half.
    • The useful life of the  USS George Washington ends in 2021. It was dismantled and is currently undergoing repairs and modernization work under the ROH.
    • The USS Gerald R. Ford is also found in Newport News. Its delivery to the fleet has already been delayed several times due to problems with its nuclear power plant and weapons elevators.
    • Finally, the USS Abraham Lincoln . Although it is the only ship with combat capability of the Armada del Atlántico, it is currently in the Arabian Sea, where it departed on April 1 after the escalation of tensions in the Persian Gulf region.


Source: Actualidad RT