The Abby Sunderland Ghost Ship Reappears in Indian Ocean

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The ghost ship of Abby Sunderland was found in the middle of the Indian Ocean, in South Australia, since 2010 nothing was known about this.

Australia – Abby Sunderland’s ghost ship appeared after 8 years  in the middle of the Indian Ocean, in southern Australia. Since 2010, nothing was known about the boat, which had been swallowed by the sea, but fortunately, its navigator, barely 16 years old, could be rescued.

It became known that the ghost ship of Abby Sunderland, known as Wide Eyes, appeared floating on the coast of South Australia on December 31, 2018. Upon hearing this news, her owner said that “her heart skipped a beat”. Which I knew nothing about since 2010 during an unfortunate attempt to travel the world.

Police in southern Australia confirmed that a 12-meter (40-foot) hull inlaid with barnacles found adrift 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Kangaroo Island on Monday was the wild eye of Sunderland.

The Abby Sunderland Ghost Ship Reappears in Indian Ocean1

The adventure of Abby Sunderland on the boat

Sunderland was 16 years old and was trying to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone and unaided when her yacht capsized and lost her mast in the mountainous seas between Africa and Australia on June 10, 2010. She was rescued two days later by a French trawler 3,200 kilometers (2,000 miles) west of Australia.

The girl described having seen reports of the ship’s discovery as “very emotional”.

It brought back memories, good and not so good, but it was great to see them after so long, Sunderland said in a statement.

“It seemed a bit creepy, that’s to be expected after so long,” he added.

The Abby Sunderland Ghost Ship Reappears in Indian Ocean1

She said she was wondering if the video equipment she used to record her trip was still inside and she hoped the boat would be recovered.

When asked if the boat would recover, a potential danger to navigation, a spokesman for the police, who spoke about the department’s usual anonymity, said the boat had disappeared and could have sunk.


Source: Chispa TV