That Moment When You are Trying To Be Sexy By The Sea And This Happens (VIDEO)

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A beautiful model became the target of ridicule on Facebook , after a wave ruined her sexy photo session on a paradisiacal beach in Mexico.

Recently, a funny video that shows the precise moment in which a beautiful model became the target of social networks laughs on Facebook, because a huge wave ruined the photo session that took place on a beautiful beach in Mexico

One hot afternoon by the sea for a woman became an embarrassing day, when she was attacked by a gigantic swell that knocked her to the ocean floor. The model is seen wearing a tiny white dress, which was part of her look, without imagining that minutes later she would be a victim of the force of nature.

The shameful viral scene soon became a fun blooper. When the model made some sexy poses in front of the sea, she was hit by a strong tide that formed in the distance and that even the photographer could not see. Not realizing the strength of nature, the woman fell spectacularly into the sand.  

After being hit by a powerful wave, the woman soaked her tiny dress and ruined the sexy photo shoot. However,  it is appreciated that the photographer did not react to the accident and preferred to take care of his camera before helping her.

Viewers on Facebook soon mocked the tragic moment that the young woman lived. “When nature comes back in the worst form”, “poor woman, she received a hard blow to the face”, “very beautiful, but took too much risk when posing in front of the rough waves of the sea”, “never play with nature, since you will lose “, were the most outstanding messages on social networks.

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Source: La Republica