Terror At The Bottom Of The Sea! Strange Creature Surprises Scientists As It Expands And Changes Shape In Front Of Its Eyes

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Almost 790 meters below the surface, the Ocean Exploration Trust expedition recorded the unusual discovery on YouTube  and other social networks on  video.

YouTube virals. That was the conclusion that more than one YouTube user arrived when he witnessed the unusual video discovery of a scientific mission exploring the seabed of the Pacific Ocean. What you will see next looks like something taken from the pages of a science fiction movie script.

Almost 790 meters below the surface, the Ocean Exploration Trust expedition registered a well-known, but surprisingly strange, jellyfish transforming in front of its underwater robotic unit.

It is the Deepstaria jellyfish , a creature capable of expanding and changing its shape. Marine researchers witnessed its conversion to a long and amorphous mass after a few seconds of having found it.

Although strange, the Deepstaria is a common sighting deep in the ocean. Marine scientists know that these and other creatures inhabit the vast unexplored seas that cover the Earth.

But this was not a common encounter since a bright red isopod lived inside the Deepstaria. Although it was not a prey, apparently the small segmented crustacean consumed parts of the jellyfish while hiding from predators.

The Ocean Exploration Trust company, aboard the Nautilus explorer, documents its tours through the depths of the Marine National Monument of the Remote Pacific Islands, a protected area of ​​1.27 million km² in the central Pacific Ocean. 


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