Terrifying Creature Comes Out of the deeps of the Sea and Snatches Fish from Woman [VIDEO]

Amazing. Through YouTube was known the viral video starring a mysterious being who escapes from the sea and takes a fish from a woman.

The consternation was general. An unfortunate woman had caught a large fish and was almost ready to collect it from the water; however, a lethal creature emerged from the depths of the sea and snatched her food. The fact was published on YouTube and thousands of users in the United States and other countries were shocked to see the viral video. Have you seen it? You can’t miss it.

According to the description of the video, which has more than 291,000 reproductions on YouTube, the woman was fishing in Cape Cod Bay, located in Massachusetts, United States, when she suddenly realized she had caught a fish.

Very excited, the woman wants to claim her prey and begins to pull it towards the boat; however, a few centimeters away the fish is stolen by a dangerous creature that emerged from the depths of the ocean. What was it?

As you can see in the images, published on YouTube by Viral Hog, the woman and her family were terrified, after seeing how a hungry white shark leaves the sea and takes away the fish they had caught.

“The shark approached and grabbed the fish right in front of our faces. It was really impressive,” said Marc Costa, the ship’s captain, as described in the video posted on YouTube.

“My God, it must have been a horrible experience,” “The poor kid ended up terrified,” “Luckily it was the fish and not any of them,” are some of the comments on this YouTube viral video.

Here’s the viral video posted on YouTube that shows the exact moment this sea creature emerges from the depths of the sea and steals its fish from a woman.