Tankers with Liquefied Gas in the Black Sea Have Not Yet Been Put Out

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The fourth week has gone since the onset of a fire on two foreign tankers with liquefied gas in the Black Sea, the Russian tugboat periodically cools ships.

“The burning remains: four foci on one, two – on the other. The Mercury sea tug alternately irrigates both tankers that are anchored, ”said a spokesman for Rosmorrechflot.

The interlocutor of the agency found it difficult to predict when the burning will stop. “How much fuel will burn out is hard to say. Maybe a week or two. Completely, ”say Rosmorrefflot.

Two ships, the Kandy and the Maestro, caught fire on January 21 in the neutral waters of the Black Sea. The tankers flying the flag of Tanzania were at anchorage 15 nautical miles south of the Crimean cape Takil. Then one drifted into the territorial waters of Russia, the second is located near them in neutral waters.

The fire, according to preliminary data, occurred during the transfer of fuel from side to side.

Tankers with Liquefied Gas in the Black Sea Have Not Yet Been Put Out

Crew members are citizens of India and Turkey. As a result of the incident, ten of 32 sailors died, ten went missing, 12 were rescued. The victims and the bodies of the victims were taken to Kerch (Crimea) on the evening of January 22. All the saved were discharged from the city hospital on January 25, the next day they left the Crimea. Bodies sent home.

The Venice tankers (now called Candy) and Maestro in November 2018 were mentioned in the US Treasury information warning of the risk of US sanctions. Washington claimed that since 2016, ships have been supplying fuel to Syria.


Source: Maritime News of Russia