Swimmer Tries to Make a Back Flip in the Swimming Pool and Suffers Terrible Accident in Front of the Camera [VIDEO]

The man wanted to surprise everyone and ended up making a fool of himself on the internet

Impress is one of the things that humans usually do to gain recognition from others and sometimes this is possible thanks to social networks to be the platform that immortalises the deeds that challenge the laws of physics , such as the famous somersault backwards.

However, in most cases, some ‘geniuses’ end up making millions of people laugh because of the way in which they fail to surprise the masses with this type of acrobatics that are practiced thousands of times before being executed successfully.

An example of the above was reflected in a video published by the Twitter account Anonymus Sin Censura in which he captured the moment in which a man of alleged Asian origin attempts to surprise all those present with his execution of the backward somersault in a pool .

In the few seconds of the video you can see the great confidence of the man moments before the tragedy, because at the time of carrying out the dangerous acrobatics , the subject ends up crashing with the edge of the aquatic structure.

According to Natgeo’s program The Science of the Absurd, the reason why this man failed in his attempt to make the somersault was because he challenged one of the laws of the famous English physicist Issac Newton, who noted in the law of action-reaction that everything that happens will have an opposite action.

In the case of our protagonist, his failure was due to the fact that when he rotated his body he did not bring his knees to his chest, a situation that caused his mass to not have the proper speed to accelerate the turn and thus not comply with the law of conservation of angular momentum.

In case the combination was not bad enough, the man did not leave the necessary base, so far from impressing, ended up making a fool of himself in social networks.

Here we leave the video.