Suspicious Video Of Man Removing Dolphin From The Water But Then What Does He Do With It?

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Supposedly, a man takes a dolphin out of a river in Russia with his bare hands to “return it” to the sea and save it but does he? 

In the Russian city of Sochi, a dolphin accidentally entered a river, but was rescued by a man, who took it out of the water with his own hands to apparently take it to the ocean, according to a video disclosed in the account of the local media Chp_sochi last Saturday.

In the video recording, filmed by a witness, it shows how the man rescues or perhaps steals the dolphin from the current, and in the description explains that he took him to the marine coast, but it stops there and does not show what actually happens to the dolphin.

Dolphins, with the exception of some species, cannot survive in fresh water.



Source: ActualidadRT