Surprisingly Effective Fishing Method Finally Revealed From Unknown Fisherman

On February 16, 2016 in Quinhagak, Alaska, USA, fisherman manages to use insanely effective technique to catch an incredible amount of fish at once. Here are his comments.

“While I was working, an elder asked me if I had fished for trout lately and that he was wishing for fresh trout. After work, I contacted my cousin Henry and my son-in-law James to help me get trout for the elder. We went up the Kanektok with snowmachines and started to make holes in the ice using ice picks.”

“After the holes were done we tied a water bottle to a rope and using a stick pushed the bottle from hole to hole. Once we reached the other side of the slough we pulled the net across. Once the net was set, we walked back in the slough and spread out and start hitting the ice with our ice picks to scare the fish into the net. The net was set for about 15 minutes.

“That may seem like a lot of trout, but once we got back to the village I announced over the VHF radio if anyone wants fresh trout come and get them, the trout were all gone within half an hour.”

So in the end, he did catch tons of trout with this amazing technique, but ended up sharing his catch with the whole town. Very generous and rewarding.

Source: ViralHog