Surprising Hunt Caught on Video Between Hungry Shark and Helpless Seal [VIDEO]

A brutal YouTube video revealed the ferocious attack by a deadly white shark on a helpless seal. The images caused terror in thousands of users.

Controversy over brutal images. A recent YouTube video revealed the ferocious attack by a giant white shark off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada. A group of tourists were walking around when they saw this predator peek out to attack a helpless seal resting on an islet. The disturbing images generated panic in thousands of users and became viral in countries such as Spain, Mexico and the United States.

The group of tourists who managed to capture this terrifying scene was sailing in a boat, when they heard a turbulence in the distance. In the distance they could see how this lethal predator attacked and mercilessly devoured its victim. The outcome of this shocking scene was viralized on YouTube.

A terrifying YouTube video revealed the exact moment when a white shark mercilessly attacked a helpless seal resting on an islet. The raw scenes have become viral and there are thousands of reproductions on the social platform.

As shown in the YouTube video, a shark fin comes out of the water’s surface and attacks a seal as brutally as possible. In addition, the images show us the exact moment when the water turns red due to the blood shed by this small seal that was killed by the deadly creature.

However, to the surprise of thousands of YouTube users, a crew member revealed that this would be the third attack in six weeks on the same site. The raw images left thousands terrified and the video went viral.

Here you have the YouTube viral video which has more than 78 thousand reproductions and all kinds of comments on that social platform.


Dramatic Shark attack #2

THIS JUST HAPPENED!! Great White Shark Attack #2 (predation on a seal) on the Tall Ship Jolly Breeze!! So dramatic this time. Video by Captain Theophilos Tsagkaris.
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  1. As September approaches, the white sharks hunting season at Seal Island draws to a close. Soon most of them will depart, remaining abroad until their return next May. The Cape fur seal pups that have survived this long have become experienced in the deadly dance between predator and prey. They are bigger, stronger, wiser and thus much harder to catch. The handful of white sharks that remain in False Bay year-round probably shift to feeding on fishes such as yellowtail tuna, bull rays, and smaller sharks. In effect, they seasonally switch feeding strategies from energy maximization to numbers maximization.

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