Surprising Attack From Dog to Seal on the Beach Provokes Repudiation (Video)

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Scary images show a dog attacking a seal on a beach, while its owner does nothing to prevent the tragic outcome.  

A video shows a boxer dog chasing and attacking a small seal that is terrified of trying to return to the sea, in front of the dog owner who does not perform any act to defend the marine animal. The bathers who were around recorded the incident, while they asked the woman, without success, to stop her pet.

In the recording you can hear the woman shouting the name of her dog that threatens the seal, but the dog ignores her and continues the violence. Although it is believed that the animal managed to escape without serious injuries, the woman was strongly criticized for not doing anything to prevent the violence exerted by her pet.

The location of the incident is still unknown, but it was broadcast on Facebook by British Divers Marine Life rescue, who described the incident as “a great example of what owners should not do”.

After the incident, a spokesman for the organization said that “the seal is clearly panicked and is trying to escape to the sea while the owner allows a dog to continue attacking him despite the repeated pleas of the person who filmed it,” he said. .

The organization stressed that the owners of the animals should keep their pets on leashes in case they face seals that rest on beaches due to migration. “Unfortunately, these incidents are happening too often and seem to be on the rise,” they added.

The incident has triggered thousands of comments on social networks and many have criticized the owner of the boxer. “If you can not control your dog better do not have a dog! I hope the seal is fine “,” the dog is not to blame, but the owner is very irresponsible “.

Source: Aweita La Republica