Surprised in Brazil When Loading Cocaine on a Ship Headed to La Luz.

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Two Brazilian stevedores, detained in a port of Sao Paulo with 17 kilos of drugs.

Two Brazilian stevedores were recently caught in a port on the coast of Sao Paulo (Brazil) when they loaded 17 kilos of cocaine on a container ship whose next destination was the Puerto de La Luz . Both had hoisted a black bag in which the police found several bales with the narcotic substance.

The events occurred at the end of January in the port of Santos, considered the most important in Brazil and Latin America. A small boat approached the ER France vessel, 277 meters in length, that was docked in a container terminal. A dark colored backpack was transported from one boat to another by ropes. Before the suspicious maneuver, the Federal Police went to investigate what happened. Thus, they managed to intercept a shipment of 17.26 kilos of cocaine and proceeded to arrest two porters, 50 and 38 years old, according to the Globo newspaper.

The two stevedores were brought to the disposal of the judicial authority, which decreed the entry into prison of both. The investigation continues to identify the two crew members of the small vessel where the narcotic substance was transported.

Surprised in Brazil When Loading Cocaine on a Ship Headed to La Luz.

Blind hook

The ER France was able to sail without problems. On February 16 he arrived in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he remained for four days until then he set course for Valencia first and yesterday was in the port of Genoa in Italy.

The method used by the Brazilian dockworkers detained is the one known as blind hook, consisting in introducing the drug in a container carrying legal cargo, without the owner of this being aware of it, which is later removed by collaborators of the recipients of the commodity. These, when the container is on European soil, remove the security seal, take the drug and put a new one.