Surfers Were Horrified to See This On The Rocks Off the Shore of the Ocean [VIDEO]

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A terrifying video shows surfers who witnessed the appearance of a creature of the sea.

A video was shared about a group of surfers, who had a great encounter with a beautiful sea creature that left them intrigued, so they attempted to perform a risky act to save it’s life.

One of the witnesses of this unusual event that occurred on the beach of Victoria Bay, George in South Africa. The young man from the United States travelled to this place to take advantage of the best waves.

However, they ended up becoming ‘famous’ characters of a video, who described them as “heroes”. What did they do? The surfers, noticed something strange in the distance, so they approached it.

When they arrived they discovered that it was a baby shark that was caught between the rocks that were on the shore of the ocean. He was hurting himself by jumping around and banging on the rocks. In that moment the guys tried to save the life of the shark that was really was suffering.

After a few seconds, the young men decided to release the little shark by taking him to an area of ​​the ocean that did not have many rocks so they could save his life. As the video show us, the baby shark was able to return to the sea to be reunited with his family.

“After some unsuccessful attempts to get the shark out of the rocks into the sea, we decided to take the shark to a better place, finally we got him back to the sea and we saw him swimming away,” Joshua Farrer detailed in his video.


Source: La Republica