Surfer Surprises All When Collecting Plastic Waste from the Ocean [VIDEO]

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A young surfer, who is outraged by the garbage around the sea and has decided to start picking it up, she has received several congratulations for this great gesture of collecting garbage from our ocean.

Rebekah Olive Flower Mermaid, she commented in her publication that she felt distressed and outraged by the high pollution the ocean suffers due to the bad action of the people .

“Just trying to surf here, guys. Never before have I witnessed so much plastic in the ocean. With every stroke I took, I found plastic. Please share friends from the ocean, “the girl wrote on her Twitter account.

The surfer named Rebecca Gillmore went to the ocean in Bali, Indonesia, as she usually does to surf. However, when she swam with the help of her board she noticed the garbage in the water.

This motivated the 25-year-old to collect the plastic waste thrown into the sea, but only for about 40 seconds. She placed each bag on her board to take to the shore and throw it away.

In a part of the video that Rebecca Gillmore made, she shows all the garbage she could gather during the time she travelled the sea. Food bags and bottles, were the waste found in the water.

The young woman looked around without being able to believe the enormous amount of garbage that is floating in our oceans. 


Source: La Republica