Surfer Lived a Magical Moment When Several Dolphins Jumped at his Side [VIDEO]

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The extraordinary moment when a young firefighter who lived while surfing in the United States.

A young man from the United States lived a dream, after a drone recorded it in the fantastic moment when he was surfing next to dolphins that jumped at his side and passed through the waves. 

The owner of the drone, Craig Badger , 51, was afraid that some policemen would not let him record with his drone, which he was using on the coasts of California, United States; However, it did not seem too bad for them to use it and they decided to go to the beach.

They spent a few moments when Craig saw Alden Blair, a fireman who was surfing, however, he was not alone, he was accompanied by three dolphins that jumped at his side, creating images as if taken from a painting.

The policemen with whom Craig spoke returned with their bicycles stopped in front of him to make sure he recorded the spectacular scene.


On the other hand, Blair, the surfer , said that it was usual to practice that sport. “The dolphins are very special, they remind me of my grandmother as if she took care of me on my birthday,” said the man. While Craig called it “the most incredible thing I’ve seen” in his four years of filming.



Source: La Republica