Surfer is Hit by a Terrifying Wave That Almost Killed Him [VIDEO]

surfer almost died from a huge wave that caused panic in thousands of YouTube users.

Through YouTube , the terrifying moment that a surfer lived was viralized , after a wave almost killed him. The gigantic wave suddenly appeared on a beach in Nazaré, Portugal. The video went viral social networks.

It will leave you speechless. Through YouTube a video was shared that surprised thousands of users, because a young athlete dared to surf a dangerous wave in Nazaré, Portugal , which made him disappear seconds later. This fact went viral quickly.

The American surfer, Toby Cunningham , was in Portugal because he knew that big waves were going to form these days of February.His partner Glyn Ovens, on a jet ski is very close to him waiting for one of the largest waves that would be formed that day.

After a few moments, the wave makes its appearance and Toby starts surfing it . The moment is shocking, since the wave was gigantic and even terrifying. For several moments it almost touches the surfer who demonstrates his skills, however, the wave manages to reach him, making him fall from the board.

His friend, Ovens, tries to reach him to rescue him but a new wave prevents him. Ovens tries again to rescue his friend who submerges to survive the intense waves, but can not. Toby had to wait five more waves to be rescued from the cold waters.

The 41-year-old surfer, who was born in California , started surfing big waves when he was just 16 years old and the last five have been spending winters in Nazaré. He says: ” Here in Nazaré makes everything I have sailed in the past feel small. “

YouTube users were shocked with the huge waves, as they could kill the surfer .

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