Surfer Encounters a Wave of More Than 40 Meters and His Risky Movements Causes Furor in the Web [VIDEO]

A YouTube viral video shows the precise moment in which a young surfer oven surfer was surprised with the wave considered the highest in the world and his shocking performance stunned the viewers.

Impressive YouTube video makes an impact on thousands of users by the amazing event starring a surfer in the village of Nazaré, Portugal, when on a quiet tour, he hit a wave 42 meters high, considered as the largest wave in the world ever surfed and performed an incredible feat worthy of a movie or a Guinness Record book, said the Internet users.

The unusual event was captured on video by some of the vacationers and tourists who were in the place and witnessed the shocking event.

The recording, which already has more than 100 reproductions on YouTube, shows the precise moment in which the surfer crosses the immense wave, which has been compared to a tsunami, and manages to cross it completely in a victorious way causing the ovation and surprise of all the spectators who watched the scene attentively.

The shocking incident was shared by the Sci-Tech Universe Zone portal through its Twitter account, and quickly became viral on YouTube, Facebook and other networks.

The images were so amazing to hundreds of YouTube users that they indicated it was a fake video because of the incredible size of the wave and the shocking feat of the surfer. However, some experts came out to clarify that this was an unusual but true event, since the place where the event occurred usually register waves over 20 meters high.

After the viral clip was broadcast on YouTube, Twitter and other networks, meteorologist Irene Santa indicated that the reason for this great wave is that, with a “narrow canyon more than 200 kilometers long and 5,000 meters deep,” the town of Nazaré has “the deepest marine gorge in Europe.