Surfer Defeats Gigantic Wave of a Lifetime

On February 28, 2017 in Nazare, Portugal,  a surfer named Lucas Chianca ‘Chumbo’ is known for riding very big waves and the wave we see here in this clip in Nazare is considered to be the biggest wave in the world. Even though Lucas is accustomed to riding big waves, this is still not an easy one to overcome. The size of the Nazare wave is just completely massive.

In the video we see the spectators standing very close to the edge. This looks a little bit sketchy due to the size of the wave, it could come crashing down on them if it gets enough distance. But in the end they turn out to be fine and Lucas as well. He succeeds in riding the entire wave until getting buried by the white foam from the leftovers of the wave.

An incredible surf clip with an awesome surfer. Enjoy the video down below.

Source: ViralHog