Surfer Avoids A Deadly Encounter Thanks To A Little Known Technology Alert.

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The unmanned aerial vehicle operator used the device’s speaker system to notify the man of the presence of the shark.

A surfer who was on a beach in New South Wales (Australia) was saved from the possible shark attack this Sunday thanks to the warning of a man operating a drone  over the ocean at that time, reports  Illawarra Mercury.

Christopher Joye was flying his unmanned aerial vehicle in the area when he realized when he saw on the screen of his command that a large shark began to follow the unsuspecting surfer. It was then that he activated the device’s speaker system to warn him of the danger.

In the images captured by the drone camera you can see how the surfer turns and heads towards the shore while the shark moves away from the place.

Joye believes that the animal, which was three to four meters long, was scared when the man turned his board to return to the beach.

“This is the first time I can warn someone with the speaker system. It is also the first time I see one heading towards a surfer,” said Joye.