Sunken Off-Road Truck Leaves Witnesses Puzzled

On March 23, 2019 in Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia, an off-road vehicle was found sinking way off the shore leaving us wondering exactly how it got there. Witness who stumbled upon the site stated.

“My dad and I were jet skiing on a remote part of Moreton Island when we spotted something in the water that we thought was a dead whale. As we got closer we realized it was a 4WD vehicle. We were baffled as to how it got there being so far offshore and circled it multiple times to make sure there hadn’t been a tragic accident and people were trapped in the car.”

With no additional information, no one knows exactly how it happened and nobody was found near the vehicle either. This makes it very confusing and an odd story as to how the truck ended up there, who owns it and what they were doing. Something we don’t see too often or never for that matter. A lot of questions still remain, but we’re left with an interesting video clip to say the least.

Source: ViralHog