Submarine Robots To Monitor Anchorages Within Posidonia In Mediterranean Sea

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The Balearic Institute of Nature (Ibanat) this year includes its campaign against the illegal moorings of vessels on Posidonia oceanica, a robot capable of reaching 100 meters depth.

The Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, Vicenç Vidal, announced on Tuesday that the Posidonia protection device will feature this new tool, a ROV Trident submarine robot that has acquired the Ibanat.

According to Vidal, will serve to review underwater areas where there are doubts about the presence of Posidonia and to “check if there is evidence that boats have cast anchor in the area.”

“This robot will also help us to review invasive species from the seabed or the presence of protected or endangered species,” he clarified.

“Another possibility is that the new robot will help us to detect possible leaks of submarine emissaries and to monitor maritime accidents, “he insisted,

Vidal met Monday with various officials of the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, Demarcation of Coasts, Ports IB, Maritime Captaincy, the winning company, SOLRAC, and 112 to coordinate what will be the third consecutive protection campaign for Posidonia in the Balearic Sea,

This initiative will begin tomorrow in Ibiza and Formentera, while in the rest of the Balearic Islands it will start on June 1 and end September 30.

As reported by the Minister Vidal, last year, the Posidonia Surveillance Service carried out 50,467 actions. It was verified that 45,218 boats were well anchored, it was forced to change the location of 5,249 and 74 deportation reports were transferred to the Civil Guard.

“This year we have improved in technical and human resources “, assured Vicenç Vidal in a press conference in which he announced that Ports IB, for the first time, will install informative signs in the ports of its jurisdiction to alert about the prescriptions of the Decree of Posidonia.

“Four boats will monitor the waters of the Natural Park of Ses Salines and from June 1 another 11 surveillance vessels will be added  -5 in Mallorca, 5 in Formentera, 3 in Ibiza and 2 in Menorca-,” he said.

These 15 surveillance vessels will be expanded to 28 when incorporated support boats of collaborating entities such as marine reserves and protected natural areas, the Civil Guard and Environment Agents (AMAs), has indicated the Minister.

Submarine Robots To Monitor Anchorages Within Posidonia In Mediterranean Sea

This year, for the first time, environmental agents will have their own boat. “The AMAs has acquired 15 new wetsuits, 15 fin kits, masks and tubes, 4 video cameras and 8 submersible photo cameras,” announced Vidal.

“All this infrastructure has been assembled in three years,” said Vicenç Vidal. “Before, nobody had heard that a Government devoted so much effort to the protection of Posidonia in the Balearics,” he concluded.


Source: Mallorca Diario