Students Devise A Plan To Cross Flooded Road Without Getting Wet (VIDEO)

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A group of schoolchildren has stolen the attention of hundreds of viewers on social networks, after their video was made viral on YouTube that shows the teenagers using a unconventional strategy to cross a completely flooded road without getting wet not a single hair.

The crazy scene happened in Bangkok, Thailand. Like any school day, the students from a school in the city arrived very early to start their school day but to enter the institution they had to cross a huge river of water that forced them to take off their shoes so as not to wet their socks.

Despite the inconvenience, caused by heavy rains that have been recorded in recent days, a group of astute schoolchildren devised an ingenious way to not wet their school clothes, which was recorded on video. 

As seen in the images, the school children are characters of the clip improvise a bridge of wooden chairs that belongs to the same clothing of the school to reach it without having to take off their shoes as do the other students, who observe the feat of their companions as they cross the great flood barefoot with their shoes in their hands.  


Source: La Republica