Stuck Inside a Plastic Doll’s Head This Fragile Creature Fights to Live on

On May 10, 2019, footage shows a hermit crab on the shore of Wake Island in the western Pacific Ocean. It was seen struggling along a beach, stuck inside a doll’s head.

The poor crab had been living inside the plastic toy which was washed up on the shore along with much other waste.

Volunteer Joseph Cronk, who was on the island for an environmental project, was walking along the beach collecting trash when he saw the crab. Joseph filmed the creature to show the devastating effects of plastic pollution and waste on marine creatures. However, removing it from its temporary shell could have harmed it.

Joseph stated: ”I see a lot of these crabs exchanging their shells for many things. Film canisters and soda cans are pretty common. But this one really gets the point across.”

Wake Island is a coral atoll in the northeastern area of the Micronesia sub-region, 1,991 miles southeast of Tokyo and 1,501 miles east of Guam.

Joseph visited the island in December last year and took part in a beach cleanup. But the rubbish had already covered the beach again by the time he returned on his most recent trip at the start of May. A very sad sight to witness first hand or even from video footage.

The struggle that these marine animals suffer due to the excessive pollution in our oceans is sad and we must continue to play our part just like Joseph. By doing what we can little by little, the world will change and become healthier for us and all the living organisms we share it with.

Source: Liveleak