Stray Dog ​​Was About To Drown And His Friend Rescues Him From Danger [VIDEO]

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A viral video was shared through Facebook that shows the heroic action of a stray dog ​​that saw his partner accidentally fall into a mighty river and did not hesitate to rescue him.

A hero without a cape. The brave action of a street dog made him the main protagonist of a viral video posted on Facebook, after he saved the life of his companion who was on the verge of death after falling into a river danger.

In a distant town, about two dogs were walking through the streets in search of food; however, they were affected by the heavy rains and winds that ran that day, which ended up causing an accident that had a happy ending.

The defenseless animals were wandering near the bank of a river, when suddenly one of them accidentally fell by the force of the wind. To stay safe, he grabbed the bridge with his muzzle.

His partner was desperate and moved from side to side to try to get him out of the dangerous waters, while a young man walked around the place, stopped to take out his cell phone, with the intention of recording the touching scene.

After several minutes, the stray dog crouched carefully supported by its front legs and grabbed his friend’s neck so he could get him out of the river. As you can see in the images of Facebook, both came out unharmed and quickly moved away from the bridge.

One page was responsible for spreading the images on Facebook, where they became viral and already has more than 480 thousand reproductions. Several users criticized the action of the boy, who stayed recording the scene starring the dogs and did not come to help them.


Source: La Republica