Strange Creatures Appear on the Sea Shore and Tourist is Shocked to See Them [VIDEO]

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The incredible viral video was shared on  Facebook  shows a creepy creatures that appeared on the shore of Mexico .

Incredible discovery that goes viral. An adventurer who made tourism in Mexico shared on Facebook  the unusual discovery she made on a beach, where she found strange creatures that swam in the place. The appearance of this aquatic animal surprised more than one surfer.

Thousands of Facebook users were surprised to see the publication of the young woman, who through her social networks shared a bit of her trip through the Aztec country. Initially, the viral video showed the moment when the discoverer ‘caressed’ the aquatics.

According to the author’s description of the finding on Facebook , she indicated that the animals are ‘horseshoe crabs‘, also known as living fossils that usually remain at the bottom of the sea; however, these creatures had stranded.

Despite the name of these animals, sea ​​crabs share more similarity with spiders and scorpions. This species that has gone viral on  Facebook and other social networks, are closer to arachnids by size and appearance.

That is why Facebook users were surprised to see the mysterious animals with which the young tourist met. In this note we share the viral video that was broadcast on the platform.


Source: La Republica