Strange Creature Surprises Tourists Who Were Sailing on His Yacht [VIDEO]

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Tourists were amazed to see this strange animal, which was swimming in the middle of the river in  Mexico .

Really impressive. Young people were on a small yacht on a river in Mexico , when they noticed that a strange animal was swimming in front of them . For a moment they thought it was a shark, however, the truth of the Facebook video will leave you with your mouth open.

The next incident occurred in Placencia, a tourist area on the Caribbean coast of Belize, Mexico . In this place they inhabit diverse animals, from manatees, dolphins, crocodiles, among others. That’s why the young people in the Facebook video were surprised to see the next creature. What is it about? Keep reading the note.

“You’re so casual, crossing the river and in that you go through a feline ( jaguar , to be more specific) swimming to get to the end”, you can read in the publication of the Facebook page , ‘ I love my Mexican culture ‘, the which reached more than 10 thousand I like, being a ‘boom’ in this social network.

In the images you can see how they are sailing when they are surprised to see how a strange animal appeared swimming. They came at full speed to see what it was: a jaguar was kicking in the water to get to the other shore.

Users of social networks were impressed to see how the feline swam, even highlighted this fact and even commented that the jaguar is one of the fastest. “He can win great distances and is the only cat that feels comfortable in the water”, can be read in the Facebook video .


Source: La Republica