Strange Creature Appears During Strong Storm And Its Appearance Terrifies Witnesses [VIDEO]

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Through a viral video on YouTube, thousands of users were terrified to see the mysterious aspect of the creature that emerged from the water in a storm.

The publication on YouTube impacted thousands of users, due to a mysterious creature that emerged during a strong storm that occurred in Michigan, United States. It was a witness who decided to film the strange specimen when it appeared in the middle of the natural phenomenon.

As revealed to us on YouTube, quite unexpectedly, a creature emerged from the waters of Lake Michigan and tried to be safe, since strong waves emerged due to the weather phenomenon. While some users claimed that it was a kind of ‘ Loch Ness Monster ‘, here we reveal all the information of that sighting.

Tim Wenzel is an American man who has paralyzed the world of YouTube, after sharing a powerful video that shows us the mysterious creature that appeared in Lake Michigan, just a few weeks ago.

In the images that the man shared on YouTube, the exact moment could be seen in the middle of the mighty waves of that lake in the USA. A mysterious silhouette emerged that generated panic in thousands of users.

Thousands of YouTube users were astonished to see this strange creature that emerged from the lighthouse of Charlevoix South Pier Light station, a spot illuminated and that serves as a reference for Lake Michigan ships .

However, although this strange specimen caused astonishment in said social network, the most skeptical users mentioned that this silhouette could belong to a giant sturgeon, which can weigh up to 90 kilos and reach a length of up to 2 meters. On the other hand, Dr. Pete VanVranken, from a clinic in Battle Creek , mentioned that it could be a giant eel, which tried to overcome this barrier and dive to the other side of the lake.


Source: La Republica