Strange alien-looking object stunned in a United States river

Impressive disk-shaped piece appeared in the middle of the Presumpscot River, in the United States . The photographs and videos of this block of 90 meters in diameter already circulate on YouTube and Twitter .

n the state of Maine, United States , appeared a few days ago a curious object that attracted the attention of many of the locals and that went viral on YouTube . The piece corresponded to a giant piece of ice in the form of a disk that was formed, surprisingly, in the middle of the Presumpscot River.

Although many spectators initially believed that it was a UFO or even the moon, it could be identified that this was a work of nature product of the freezing of water. East Ice block measures exactly 90 meters and rotates counterclockwise.

The image of this album, which some point out may be world record, was viralized last Monday by social networks such as Twitter and YouTube , which led to more people interested in their study and the explanation of their origin.

“As the water in the whirlpool flows more slowly than the mainstream, it is likely to freeze and create the ice disk,” explained physicist John Huth. This discovery has motivated curious people to decide to approach the Presumpscot River to observe and take photographs of the object. The captures were shared on Twitter and other social networks along with curious legends that compare the ice disk with the moon or frozen crop circles.

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