Stranded Whale Found in Philippines and When They Opened it They Found Something Surprising [VIDEO]

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People could not contain their astonishment after a group of  marine biologists did when opening the stomach of a whale that died stranded in the Philippines. 

A viral video has caused commotion in thousands of users, because a group of marine biologists found a dead whale in the Philippines and decided to open its stomach, without imagining what they would find inside.

This incident occurred on March 16, when a  Cuvier’s beaked whale was found, still alive, floating in shallow water, very close to the valley of Compostela, Philippines .

The locals quickly called environmental officials, who arrived at noon, when the whale had already died. The experts then began to review the cetacean, in order to find the cause of death and were surprised to learn.

When the marine biologists opened the interior of the whale they were able to find hundreds of plastic items, which weighed approximately 40 kilograms.

Six sacks of rice, four plastic bags used in banana plantations, multiple shopping bags and hundreds of other small plastic packages were items that were extracted from the stomach of the whale. 

Here we show you the video, in which you can see the heartbreaking discovery made by this group of biologists who found several remains of plastic bags and all kinds of waste that would have made the animal can not digest their food and have an untimely death.

Apparently, all this plastic had fallen into the ocean and was swallowed by the whale, which would have died due to the excess of this material inside. 


Source: La Republica