Stranded Turtle Found, With Help She Was Able to Return With Her Family [VIDEO]

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A video revealed the rescue a young man made of a sea creature that was stranded on the beach. The turtle was stuck and could not free itself until a man came to rescue her.

The sea animal could not turn over on his own and return to his family, who was waiting for him on the shore of the beach; However, two men arrived and decided to put aside their responsibilities in order to help her and to be free again. 

A man was walking with his daughter on the beach until he came across a turtle which was flipped over on its shell. The man noticed this fact and did not hesitate to ask for help so he could turn the animal around so that he could return to the sea.

We can see the gesture of love that had this man who also took the opportunity to give an incredible lesson to his little daughter, who was next to him at the time they came across this turtle, which needed help to return home.

The emotional video has served to thousands of users say they will be much more supportive with this type of marine animals.


Source: La Republica