Stirring Rescue of a Turtle That Was Caught by a Net In the Middle of the Sea

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The moment shared when fishermen find something mysterious floating in the middle of the sea and manage to rescue a sea ​​turtle that was trapped. You  can see the great rescue that Thai fishermen made when they realized that a small turtle was in trouble. They did not let her die, instead, they decided to help her.

A small Thai boat was sailing through the sea, when the captain of the ship  Kosit Inkanket, spotted a mysterious object floating in the sea, it was then that a small animal caught his attention: a sea turtle was being suffocated .

Captain Kosit said: ” There was the floating net and I used the telescope to look at it more closely. Then I saw the turtle. Its fins moved as if trying to escape. I drove the ship so we could help. It was very fortunate that he noticed the turtle or he would surely have died. I would have been floating for a long time without people seeing it. “

Immediately Kosit reduced the speed of the boat and several of the fishermen carefully picked up the net. After that, they cut the net to free the little creature that seemed to know what the fishermen were trying to do since it stayed very still while cutting the ropes.

Finally, one of the fishermen returned the sea ​​turtle to the sea and went swimming. “The fishermen must be careful with their nets because it is easy for the other creatures in the sea to be wounded. We need to catch fish, but we also have to be responsible, “Kosit said.

The video has left many impressed, who thanked these great men for stopping to rescue the turtle.


Source: La Republica