Spring Snow Melts Creating a Nature Show Like Nothing You Have Seen Before

On March 31, 2019 in Palouse Falls State Park, Washington, USA, person catches amazing footage of a massive waterfall that formed after the melting of tons of spring snow. The camera person submitted the video with these comments.

“I stopped by Palouse Falls on my way home to Spokane from Walla Walla. Palouse Falls seems like it is in the middle of nowhere, located between the small towns of Washtucna and Starbuck, in Eastern Washington. I take the back roads in order to stop at this amazing location. Spring runoff is starting a little late this year but is beginning to show at Palouse Falls.”

It turns out that the person knew about this beautiful spot and usually takes the back roads in order to admire it once in a while. Some great footage of a beautiful waterfall. It even had a nice little rainbow forming as well! What a great time to pass by and capture this awesome nature show on camera!

Source: ViralHog