Spanish Authorities Capture A Family Trying To Board A Ship With People In Suitcases Including Children

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Authorities in Spain arrested eight people this week after trying to illegally smuggle children and adults of Moroccan origin.

The National Police of Spain captured eight people who were trying to illegally pass four immigrants inside the ships that connect North Africa and Andalusia.

Two of the people who tried to sneak onto the boat were minors. According to EFE, one of the children is eight years old and was located inside a suitcase carrying one of the uncles.

The authorities in Spain reported that the incident occurred on Saturday around 9:50 p.m. at the time of the security check prior to boarding the search that was going from Melilla (Spanish autonomous city located in Africa) to Almeria.

Cash of the Border Operational Group (GOF) identified the occupants of a tourism, it would be a married couple and four minor children.

The family was hiding in a suitcase, a Moroccan boy of eight years, who was rescued when he was numb and visibly sweating due to the small space where he was kept. The couple told the troops that he was their nephew.

It transpired that the National Police arrested the driver of the vehicle for a crime against the rights of foreign citizens, while the woman was charged, she was released with her children, due to the young age of the children.

The other minor rescued by the authorities is another Moroccan child, undocumented, who was found by the agents on Saturday at 1:00 in the afternoon.

According to the police report, the boy was hiding in the legs of a woman who was traveling in the seat behind a car next to a couple with their two younger children.

During the past weekend, the authorities in Spain found other hidden people of Moroccan nationality.

At the pre-shipment in Almeria, agents discovered a 25-year-old person hiding under luggage.

The individual was arrested along with the driver of the vehicle for the violation of the Aliens Act as well as the violation of the rights of foreign citizens.

In another boat bound for Malaga, two other people were arrested, when one of them hid a young man (23), who was underneath their belongings they were carrying in the back seat.

Spanish Authorities Capture A Family Trying To Board A Ship With People In Suitcases Including Children

The boy was numb in a suitcase when they tried to step on solid ground in Spain. Photo: National Police of Spain.


Source: La Republica