Spain and France Collaborate in the Containment of the Spill of “Grande America”

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The emergency plan is activated, but the direction of the wind and currents suggest that the spilled fuel will not reach the Spanish coast

The maritime authorities of both countries have been working since last Tuesday on the containment of spilled fuel after the sinking of the ship of the shipping company Grimaldi in French waters and with 2,200 tons of fuel in its tanks.

In recent days, both the central government and the Basque government have been activated, which have mobilized the first Maritime Rescue and the second Emergency and Environmental areas, before the possibility that the fuel may reach the Basque coast. However, taking into account the weather forecasts, it is estimated that the risk is “scarce” and that there is room until next week to minimize the effects on the environment.

Spain and France Collaborate in the Containment of the Spill of "Grande America"

The French Minister of Ecology, Francois de Rugy has confirmed that the fuel will most likely reach the French coasts at the end of this week, while investigating if there are more leaks in the ship, sunk at 4600 meters of depth.

The ship, which went from Germany to Morocco, suffered a fire halfway and, after being rescued the 27 people who were on board, sank at about 4,600 meters depth about 330 kilometers from the French city of La Rochelle. After large bags of fuel are drifting and it is unknown if there are underwater leaks. In this scenario, the Ministry of Development has already activated the so-called ‘Gulf of Vizcaya Plan’, which coordinates the Spanish and French authorities in case of accidents in the Atlantic. Boats of Spanish flag have already been displaced to the area of ​​the wreck.


Source: el estrecho digital