Something Strange Is Happening At the North Pole, and Nobody Knows Why?

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The North Pole is moving away from Canada at a speed of 55 kilometers per year. The phenomenon, which still lacks explanation, is already making navigation difficult.

Experts have been forced to modify the World Magnetic Model (World Magnetic Model or WMM for short) in English) for the rapid and enigmatic displacement of the North Pole, alerts the magazine Nature.

The WMM is a map of the magnetic field of our planet and is essential for navigation. It is used in systems that direct ships at sea, as well as in numerous localization applications such as Google Maps and it predicts changes in the Earth’s magnetic field several years in advance.

The new versions of the WMM appear every five years, and the next version would have to do so by 2020. However, after the annual magnetic field analysis conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the United Kingdom Geological Survey Office (BGS), it has been shown that if the specialists do not introduce changes in the current Magnetic Model World, its inaccuracy could cause navigation problems . The new version is expected to come out on January 30.

The movement of the North Pole

The problem, among other factors, lies in the movement of the North Pole. Pole wanders in unpredictable ways that have fascinated explorers and scientists since it was first measured in 1831 in the Canadian Arctic. In the 1990s, displacement was recorded at a speed of 15 kilometers per year , and by 2007 it had already entered the Arctic Ocean.

Currently the Pole is moving towards Siberia and is moving away from Canada at a speed of 55 kilometers per year. “The fact that the Pole moves fast makes this region [where it is] more prone to serious errors,” warns terrestrial magnetic change researcher Arnaud Chulliat of NOAA. The expert worked on the creation of the new Global Magnetic Model and ensures that it will be valid until 2020.

Why does the magnetic field change?

The specialists still lack a rigorous explanation of the phenomenon of the movement of magnetic fields. One of the versions is that they occur because of “hydromagnetic” waves that emanate from the depths of the Earth’s core. For its part, the rapid movement of the magnetic North Pole could be linked to a jet of liquid iron that is generated at high speed under Canada, which weakens the magnetic field over the Canadian Arctic and causes the Pole to move towards Siberia.


Source: Actualidad RT